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Leather - features natural materials

Uneven structure of the surface of leathers, small scars, wrinkles and slight color differences are not defects, but are hallmarks of this natural material. Therefore, the leather is still the desired raw material for its trendiness and authenticity.

Leather (skin) is a natural material that is porous, breathes and is able to accept yourself humidity, sweat, grease, dirt and dust. Conversely it can also run a color that is leather and tinted because the color is not completely fix. Leather is strong and flexible, but excessive moisture or disproportionate to the tensile properties of these loses and has a tendency to deform. The above presented properties are natural manifestations of this material.

Proper use and protection of the undesirable characteristics can suppress the leather, and vice versa due care to prolong its life and long-lasting beautiful appearance.

Risks of injury - preventive policies

Every day is a leather goods exposed to high stress. The leather has weather conditions (rain, sun, dust), sweat (handles, grips, zápinky), leads to visual and mechanical damage (stains, scratches) can not be underestimated also overloaded bags, briefcases and handbags. Mishandling and neglect leather loses its merits, elasticity, cracking, releasing its structure, changes color and shape.

Please follow these basic rules:

Products made of leather is not soaking, if that happens, dry heat source is out freely at room temperature.

Products regularly impregnate against moisture and dirt, cleaning and protection, use only high quality treatment products. Our products are recommended to treat luxury brand products Collonil.

Products with extensive pollution or damage to pass into the hands of an expert!

Do not use creams, for footwear! They have different characteristics and contain substances that could be soft and delicate leather haberdashery products damaged!

Do not use to clean leather and regular soap for cleaning dishes! They have different characteristics and contain substances that could be soft and delicate leather haberdashery products damaged!

Store leather products so as to prevent deformation.

Do not overload the luggage, observe the maximum load capacity.

Use products only for that purpose.

Impregnation = protection

Impregnation is very important. With Leather primarily prevents the penetration of grease, dirt and moisture. Impregnation is carried out by applying a special preparation in the form of a cream or spray. It's a barrier that protects against damage and clogging the porous structure of the leather and moisture penetration. Impregnation do before first using the product regularly and repeat the procedure with regard to the intensity of wear and cleaning frequency. Waterproofing barrier is not permanent, it must be renewed! Impregnation also nourish the leather and ensure its smoothness.

The smooth leather impregnation spray use Collonil - Waterstop

On waxed and sensitive leather impregnation spray is designed Collonil - Special Wax

On all types of leather and leather combination is recommended universal waterproofing spray Collonil - Vario


Nutrition = elasticity

Leather time and intensity of use loses natural moisture, collagen fibers of its softness and flexibility. To avoid damage to the structure of leather, leather haberdashery is necessary to nourish the product. Partly nourish impregnation. The careful diet, however, serves creams specifically designed for haberdashery products.

The smooth leather small goods is determined by nourishing cream Collonil - Silicon polish. This special colorless cream leather nutrition necessary ingredients, while it naimpregnuje. After polishing leather combines color and eliminates mechanical damage (scratches, scratches).

Another proven product is nourishing and impregnating oil Collonil - Nilfett. Renovating already dried and cracked leather, it restores suppleness, the leather waterproof. It is recommended especially for larger pieces galanterního goods subject to weather conditions such as handbags, briefcases, luggage.

Cleaning = long-lasting good looks

Mechanical impurities such as dust, dirt and removes common stains immediately if possible. If the product is impregnated easier to clean because dirt will not pass through the waterproofing barrier! Minor contamination with a damp cloth and then wipe dry. The effective cleaning smooth leather recommend special foam Collonil - Leather soap. Foam gently leather rid of stains, finger, remove the color transfer from clothing, etc., while nourishing the leather. Streaks, spots and gently removes impurities zatřené special rubber Collonil - Soft rubber. Especially on bright smooth leather with a proven gentle cleansing cream with nutritional ingredients Collonil - UNICRI. The cream dissolves impurities in the structure of the leather, then gently wipe the leather.

Proper care and protection of leather products significantly extends their life and still maintain a great look!

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