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My name is Pavel Barbořík and I do not dress for a while and do not wear dolls.

I studied in Zlín on the Leather Industry. After school, I went through several technical functions in the footwear companies (Svit Zlín, etc.). In 2004, I decided to go back to the craft and my next fate was the production of leather handbags and leather haberdashery in my own workshop under the brand name "barbo". My workshop is small but equipped with all the necessary machines, thanks to which I am able to sew and produce almost any model of high quality handbags.

Every ladies handbag made in our workshop is characterized by perfect workmanship and balanced design. We only use natural leather (leather) for production.

Why did I choose natural leather? Especially for their great properties that plastic products or poromer never reach. As one of the most important features of natural leather, I would like to mention its excellent resistance to abrasion and abrasion, which is one of the key features of handbags. It is also its strength and stability in shape. For some species, one can say, "The older, the better", as the leather gets a "patina" in time. Natural leather is also very easy to maintain.

Lining is 100% polyester. Zippers are Czech origin - WICO Děčín. Each zipper pendant is engraved with my logo and the same logo is embroidered on each of my products.

LONG LIFE - The product labeled with this product is expected to last longer than the warranty period.

For each product, I provide a warranty of 2 years. The package includes an invoice, a warranty card and instructions on how to handle the purse to keep you in perfect condition for as long as possible.

I believe that you will be pleased with the handbags made in my workshop and will serve you for a long time.


Pavel B.

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